Detroit Reboot

How do you contextualize a city
to visitors who have never traveled there?

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For an exhibition centered around rebooting the city of Detroit, my team and I created an interactive projection-mapped mixed-reality book to present some of the discovery we had gathered over the course of a semester.

Split into seven sections, the book allowed audiences to learn more about Detroit’s history, it’s once dominant industry, cultural legacy, social structure, recent tipping point, the lingering challenges, and the efforts being taken locally to revive the city. Including a catalog of over six hundred cars, and over a hundred of Motown’s greatest hits integrated via Spotify, visitors were encouraged to touch and interact with the oversized projection-mapped spreads at their own pace.

With the turn of each page we were able to present our research in an accessible manner and contextualize adjacent installations, helping visitors gain a better understanding of the challenges and nuances which led Detroit to becoming the largest municipality in the United States to ever file for bankruptcy.

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