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Izzy is an interdisciplinary designer
& educator based in Toronto, Canada.

Hello again! 

As an interactive digital media specialist I am actively involved in researching, designing, and developing spatial and immersive applications & installations. Working with emerging technologies throughout my career, I have had the privilege to lead teams; navigating collaboratively through nuanced technicalities and fuzzy unknowns.

As an educator I have taught application-centric courses such 3D Design & Visualisation using Maya, and Motion Graphics using After Effects. I have also led design studio courses focusing on Interactive Systems & Software, where teams work in sprints to complete semester-long projects in a lab environment. 

I am not an expert. My practice is rooted in research. I am interested in exploring our relationship with technology—its impact on identity, culture, society and the environment. I believe that innovation should be sustainable and meaningful, and technology should serve to elevate the human condition.

Get in touch, I would love to hear from you!

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